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D.O.A. Room Escape

After seeing some really amazing, interactive, real-life room escape games featured on The TODAY Show, The Conan O'Brien Show, The Big Bang Theory and The Bachelorette, we've decided to add this hugely popular phenomena to our Wilderness on the Lake property!

The two Room Escapes by D.O.A., The Hotel and The Basement, will build upon a series of real-life incidents that occurred during the 1893 Chicago World's Fair. The Hotel will feature a recreation of its lobby and will be integrated with clues and puzzles to help the visitors find their way out! The Basement will be designed to inspire a mindset of urgency and confusion as participants navigate the layered twists of the room while spontaneous audio, visual, and animated objects will invade their senses.

Wilderwoods Indoor Go-Kart Trail

If you like thrills and excitement, you'll want to check out our new indoor, two-story Wilderwoods Go-Kart Trail. It's  located next door to the Glitter Gulch Arcade in the New Frontier region of the hotel. The 525-foot long course offers a total adrenaline rush as you race with your family and friends around crazy turns and cork screws in one of our 20 electric cars.

OK Corral Lazer Tag

Located in the former space of Tombstone Town Haunted House, our lazer arena is a massive 4,000-square-foot, two story attraction!

Challenge your family and friends to a showdown at the OK Corral where teams of up to 15 players are able to make their way into the Town Square and compete for points while avoiding shots from other players and from the game itself!

Marshall Training Lazer Maze

In the old days, Boomtowns were always looking for hired guns to act as the law. You'll be able to see if you have what it takes to become a deputy when you go through the Marshall Training Lazer Maze. You'll have to use your speed and agility to successfully navigate through the maze. If you break a beam, your time will be penalized. Only those with the best times will be named Marshall.

Northern Lights Sky Ropes Course

The Northern Lights Sky Ropes Course is perched 30 feet above one of our mega arcades! Wearing a full-body safety harness, you'll climb your way around 42 challenges with varying degrees of difficulty. Walk the tight rope, balance on rickety bridges and brave the balance beams!

Wild West Indoor Bumper Boats

Get ready for an indoor bump, splash and spray bumper boat adventure! Bring mom. Bring dad. Bring the whole family! See who can bump the most, splash the most and get the other boaters the most wet!

Indoor 3-D Mini Golf (2 Courses)

Both indoor black light mini golf courses feature intense graphics and 3-D glasses to make your game even more wild. Check out the Wild Abyss with its huge tropical aquariums, or the Wild Buccaneer pirate adventure! Both located in the Wild West region of  The Wilderness hotel.

WildKids Club

The WildKids team offers a wide variety of scheduled activities, crafts and board games for families to do together.  Pick-up the WildKids Activity Schedule when you check in! Activities are subject to change.

Mega Prize Arcades (3)

Northern Lights Arcade, Glitter Gulch Arcade, X-Treme Adventure Arcade

When you want to dry off a little bit we have three huge interactive arcades with high-tech fun and other games, some of which are redeemable for credits toward fun prizes.

Timberland Play Park

Have an amazingly fun time in this 3,000 square-foot, four-story DRY interactive area that features countless foam ball blasters, a ball fountain that launches hundreds of balls into the air at once, interesting crawl spaces, obstacles and slides.

Paint Your Own Pottery

Choose from our huge assortment of ceramic pieces including plates, mugs, banks, boxes and more. We'll provide you with the paint, brushes, special tools and simple instructions so you can create your own masterpiece! Remember your Wilderness vacation for years to come with your one-of-a-kind souvenir. Prices start at just $8.


Jason Severe

Wednesday, July 18, 2018
Awesome Waterparks, fantastic rooms, and excellent service. My family has been coming here for several years now and they just keep getting better. They are private and do not allow non-guests to access the facilities so the crowds are not that bad, especially compared to the Mt. Olympus parks that are always Insanely overcrowded. Wilderness has a lot of fun activities and the rooms are very nice. My girls have a great time and we never want to leave. The souvenir soda cup is by far the best deal with $1 refills for your entire stay. And the giant beer and mixed drink cups are good values for the amount and refill discount. Something for everyone, young and old.

Tyler Hoffman

Saturday, June 16, 2018
I've been going to this resort for about 19 years now and it definitely gives a chance to see the ups and downs. I would say that with having experienced most of the water parks in the dells, the wilderness has the best quality and widest selection of indoor and outdoor fun. Recently, on my last visit they had a portion of the hotel under construction which I appreciate very much that they see the need for updating their current model and it in no way disrupted our stay or enjoyment. For the most part over the years the staff has been great with occasional outliers. I have stayed in a lot of different rooms of different quality, from the cheapest rooms to rooms with a jacuzzi right by the bed. Always clean and always what I expected. In short I'd you are going to the dells i highly recommend the wilderness for a family stay or otherwise.

Sara Berheide

Monday, July 23, 2018
This is our 3rd year coming, and we will keep coming. This is a wonderful place to stay. And a lot of things for the kids to do. Our overall experience was great! But... Watch your things, this only happened this week. My Nike sandals were stolen from the wave pool. If you can't afford a $20.00 pair of Nike shoes, how can you afford a trip to the Dells? People amaze me. Yes they are only shoes, but next time could be something more. Don't take any valuables, or leave them unattended.

David Hudacek

Wednesday, July 18, 2018
If you or your kids love water parks. This is an absolute must!!! Four indoor and four outdoor waterprks included in the price of your stay. Staff was very helpful and kind. We brought our 7 year old boy and 13 year old daughter (and her friend) and fun was had by all... for 5 days! And we didn't even make it to Wilderness on the Lake. We went to Noah's ark one day, but the lines were so long that we only went on a few rides... then back to the Wilderness where there were no lines (in late June) for rides that we're just as good and a much better wave pool. Definitely going back!

Chris Welchhans

Tuesday, June 12, 2018
We spent four nights in a deluxe 2-bedroom at Glacier Canyon Lodge (part of the Wilderness Resort) and our family of four had a fantastic time! The buildings were clean--in fact, it seemed like there was always someone cleaning, at all times of the day, in all the different buildings. We visited four different water parks without leaving the resort, and our kids loved the pools, slides and lazy rivers. We bought fun passes for the attractions, but there was so much to do we couldn't do it all in the time we had, (when we were there, some of the water parks and attractions closed earlier than others and we nearly missed out on the bumper boats.) I would advise visitors to plan out your stay after you get there, and decide if the passes are right for you based on how many of the attractions you want to do, how much time you have and what the cost would be without the passes. We only visited one of the restaurants, Survivors, and it was okay--not bad, but nothing to write home about. There is an on-site pizza place that smelled wonderful, but we stayed in the 2-bedroom so that we could save money by cooking some of our meals ourselves. We walked A LOT over the course of four days, but the do offer shuttle service between buildings, (at least during the summer.) Overall, it was a great experience. Friendly staff, including the lifeguards and housekeeping staff. We would recommend this resort to families with children of any age!

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