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Treasure Island Golf

Treasure Island Golf
4801 North Kings Highway

Whether it’s “Treasure Island”, the novel by Robert Lewis Stevenson, or Treasure Island Golf in Myrtle Beach, S.C. – both are considered “classic” works. Many first time patrons think Treasure Island was a recently developed project; however, construction actually began in the winter of 1980. After opening late June 1981, the course was re-designed and fined tuned in the 1981-82 winter season. With the exception of additional and maturing landscapes the course looks and plays the same today as it did in 1982. Many mini-golf courses have opened and closed in the area since 1981 and Treasure Island is proud of its customer loyalty and repeat business. In fact, many folks still drive 15-20 miles today, just as they did in 1981 to sit under our 300 year old Live Oak tree and play their favorite course at the beach.

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