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6801 Coastal Highway

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Old Pro Golf is a family-owned and operated business founded in 1965 by Herbert J. and Aileen "Deany" Schoellkopf. Prior to owning Old Pro Golf, they were designing, building and operating miniature golf courses, driving ranges, and other amusement facilities up and down the East Coast. Herb became hooked on the game of golf and saw its potential as a business while helping a fellow coach at Guilford College build a miniature golf course to raise funds to buy school uniforms. Since then he has designed and built well over 150 miniature golf courses during his 50+ year career. John Margolies, author and photographer of the book Miniature Golf, credits Herb with being one of the originators of the "Philadelphia School of Miniature Golf design."

Over the years Old Pro has grown through hard work, "imagineering," and employee dedication and cooperation. As we continue to grow and create, Old Pro Golf is as full of potential as it was the day Herb built his first miniature golf course out of dirt and 1×4 lumber. So when you're in Ocean City, Maryland don't forget to stop by one of four wonderful locations; 23rd street, 28th street, 68th street, or 136th street on Coastal Highway.


Eric Wentz

Friday, June 15, 2018
Really nice indoor and outdoor mini golf courses. I like the indoor theme of the ocean and the outdoor theme of dinosaurs. Practice putting green, bonus hole and arcade included on the inside as well as a bonus hole on the outside. Price is not cheap for golfing, around $9.50 per person unless under 6 then $8.50. Groups really slow down the game which if they had someone watching they wouldn't let people play in groups larger than 4 which is discourage but not enforced. Some holes are challenging but most are easy. The best part is a chance to win a free game. The hole is separate from the actual 18 holes so you really get a 19th one. Good for an hour of fun.

Betty OConnor

Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018
Fun place to spend an hour or so. They have both an indoor and outdoor course so don't worry about the weather, the price is compatible with the other mini golf places.

TJ McMahon

Friday, April 27, 2018
You know this place is gonna be good when its the only thing you remember doing when you were 3 (I forgot everything about it except the hole with the eel, I also completely misjudged where it was lol). But overall, its a wonderful course with an indoor and outdoor option. Every time I visit my aunt we try to go here and its just an enjoyable experience. The indoor portion is always clean, and the outdoor one was as well (I've only played the outdoor course once). Its a really cool layout with 2 floors and the staff have been very nice. The refreshments (Coca-Cola products) are not overpriced and are kept ice-cold. The only complaint I have is that its often fairly cool inside, so bring a sweater even if you don't think you'll need it.

Tonya ONeal

Tuesday, April 24, 2018
They had a wonderful indoor and outdoor course. The weather was windy, so we had the option to play indoors. We had a wonderful time. My daughter, granddaughter and I had a lovely time. There are colorful scenery and a competing 18 hole course.

Fox David

Thursday, Aug. 2, 2018
Good for kids. Not great/challenging for adults. Dino theme outside. Ocean theme inside.

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