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Celebration Station

4040 Towne Crossing Boulevard

Celebration Station in Mesquite Texas offers a variety of Birthday Party Packages for kids of all ages. Packages include Mini Golf,  bumper boats, paint ball, go-karts, pizza, and more!


Angie B

Wednesday, May 23, 2018
Alternative to the movies, Happy they had a daily special which included a meal, drink and attraction ride for 12 bucks a piece. The kids had a blast, it wasn't crowded (go on a Tuesday) and my only complaint would be the food service, the kids went through a 10 dollar game card and the buzzer still didn't go off for our food order (they forgot it) so 15 before closing we got the food. Under 40 bucks for two kids, for 3 hours of FUN. Great place for kids, the staff was extremely helpful and accommodating. Definitely a summer spot for my brat pack

Joshua Zachary

Sunday, June 24, 2018
This place is way too expensive for what it is. 4 bucks for 1 game that only last 15 seconds, and all for a bunch of tickets to get dollar store merchandise. The go carts were ok for a kiddie park I guess. There were only 4 bumper boats operable so the line was 50 deep. Laser tag was fun, except it was smoking hot in the room and my vest wouldn't keep score, I spent most of the time with the employee trying to reset it. Not a good place at all.

Vatosha R

Thursday, Aug. 2, 2018
We took the kids here on a Thursday because of the Thursday deal including pizza buffet, go kart, train and the water ride. We ordered a funnel cake which was okay. Overall, we all had a good time!

Charise Kila

Thursday, March 29, 2018
Myself, husband, two young children and a friend visited this location tonight. With 2 hours of the very few hours I have not working we decided to spend them here, regrettably. We were told we’d get unlimited use of three rides, one round of mini golf and a unlimited buffet for $15.99 a person, including my 3 year old child. The total was just shy of $90. We stood at the counter discussing the best plan of action. We decided on an outdoor activities before the sun went down and then food. The lady put on the wristbands and we proceeded to the train. There was no one manning the train and we stood there for approximately ten minutes before I had to find someone at the mini golf who said she’d be right there. She, however, proceeded to help out to families in the mini golf before coming over to the train. As I headed in to go find someone else to talk to about the train, the young lady proceeded to start train for my children. She then told us she was the only person working out door activities other than the go carts because "they don't give no one no hours". We let the children ride around three times then moved on to the bumper boats which went fine. Get to the GoCarts and have to wait around while they looked for a little kid’s earring. We finally got to ride after about another 15 minutes of waiting. We did one course of 18 hole mini golf. Come in at 8:10pm to find out that the food ended at 8:00pm. No one thought to share that information when we paid almost $90 at the door. As an apology we were offered a large pizza then, after showing my dissatisfaction at that, I was asked, “Well what do you want from us?” That is horrible customer service. For UNLIMITED pricing, we surely got quite limited. As I told the gentleman, even if we received a full refund at that point, my evening with my family was not only wasted but ruined. Needless to say, we will not be returning nor recommending this establishment. Best suggestion: In the future, when people chose to spend their time and money with your establishment, it might be wise to set the expectations of time restrictions associated with said purchases. I get to spend another $50 feeding my family elsewhere.

Vicki Roberts

Sunday, June 3, 2018
I love Celebration Station and taking my boys and watching them have fun. It's a great way just to get away and have some fun as a family. They have so much to do for all ages.

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