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Big Don's Wild River Mini Golf

8408 Button Road Rte. 31

Located in Cicero, NY approximately 8 miles N. of Syracuse, NY

- Miniature Golf - Our extra large, 18 hole, Resort Level, themed course is sure to please with waterfalls, ponds and abundant "wildlife". Come experience the Wild River's fun, challenging holes

- Battleground Outdoor Laser Tag - Come experience Outdoor Laser Tag with all the adrenaline rush of first person shooter games in our 40,000 sq. ft. outdoor arena (4-6 x the size of indoor facilities) and state of the art equipment. Always call ahead for availability.

- NY State's only Amaze'N Maze - Come search through our 5,000 sq. ft. Adventure Maze for the hidden letters. Get a prize for your efforts based on your time.

- Squirt Tube Frenzy in the Maze - Have a giant squirt tube battle with your friends inside of our maze where we have 10 refilling stations sure to keep you cool on the hottest days.

- Rock Climbing Wall - Our 25 foot rock climbing wall will challenge your skills and strength as you search for the best path to the top.

- Gemstone Panning - Our sluiceway provides a great experience for the kids as they uncover their "finds" in our premium mineral and fossil bags.

- Beach Comber Coin Hunt - A Big Don's exclusive. Search for coins from the world over using metal detectors.

- Treasure Digs - Polished stones, shark's teeth, and fossils are hidden in sand in giant play sand boxes for your kids to dig out, sift and discover.

- Bounce House - What kid doesn't like a bounce house?


Laura Snyder

Monday, Aug. 13, 2018
Wonderful ti.e I wish it was easier for wheelchair bound people. It was very limiting to what the 8 year old boy could do, and the stuff he would enjoy was also out of reach.

Alysha Ardizzone

Saturday, June 23, 2018
We visited for a friend's 5th birthday party, and this was beyond great! The kids had a blast playing mini golf and playing in the little kids area. The course looks like it's very well kept.

Ceth Deloff

Thursday, Aug. 2, 2018
Awesome mini golf, very creative layout, the staff is friendly and if you go on the right day you can get free food or drinks via a daily special. Only issue is sometimes the mini golf gets backed up with large parties of people.

Melissa R

Wednesday, May 30, 2018
Took the kids to dig for treasure since we had some time to waste and they had so much fun! We didn’t have time to do anything else but it is a very clean place and it looked like everything is in great condition. The price is also fairly reasonable, in my opinion.

Kristine Witherbee

Sunday, May 27, 2018
So much fun with my kiddos! We went to play put put and found out they have so much for the kids including an amazing battlefield Lazer tag! And even water gun fight and a cool maze! Totally a fun summer place to take kids and ice cream afterwards!!!

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